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Volkswagen hasn't stopped evolving in recent years. Adding new brands, and expanding their automotive group with new models is only the beginning.With the goal of becoming the world leader in 2018, the German manufacturer puts all its efforts in quality and design of its vehicles.While driving a used Volkswagen, you may notice the finish of the interior is just perfect. Exciting features are everywhere, whether to enjoy the travel of the occupants or to assist you in the most difficult manoeuvring. The look and the appearance of a used Volkswagen are typical of the brand. Check out our used Volkswagen, try the ones you want and leave with a quality vehicle in your hands.

Used Volkswagen Certified

Which used Volkswagen will be considered for the program? Be no older than current or previous 5 model years (the oldest model year will drop off on December 31st of each year); Have less than 120,000 km at time of certification; Have been in service a minimum of 6 months or have at least 10,000 km; The vehicle must be free of all outstanding safety recalls and service actions; Have an eligible CarProof© vehicle history report; Meet inspection and reconditioning requirements of the program; Be approved for sale after a review by Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. Read more

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen's XL1 concept is a diesel-electric hybrid that, thanks to extreme aerodynamics, is the most energy efficient production vehicle in the world. To believe these claims, just take a look at the numbers offered by the German manufacturer. Indeed, the XL1 only consumed 0.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, with an average CO2 emissions of only 21 grams per km. No standard vehicle to date has been able to achieve such results. Surprising everyone, Volkswagen has decided to take this concept to the production stage, and offer a small number of the XL1 for sale. It's a daring bet, because in terms of style and design, the XL1 has no market equivalent.

VW Claims Guinness Fuel Economy Record

Beating any hybrid on the road today, the Volkswagen Passat TDI Clean Diesel just entered the Guinness Book of World Records, setting the record for lowest fuel consumption for a non-hybrid car, gas burning (non-electric) car. Volkswagen is thrilled, what automaker on the planet wouldn't want to land these bragging rights? Getting an incredible 78 mpg (about km per litre), the Passat TDI Clean Diesel beat the previous record by about 10 mpg. It also beat the hybrid vehicle record by more than 13 mpg. Wayne Gerdes, an automotive journalist famous for hypermiling drove the Passat with electronics engineer Bob Winger as his co-pilot. Hypermiling is the art of finding unconventional ways to increase a vehicle's fuel economy, often through driving techniques, some of which may be disruptive to other motorists. The two set out from Volkswagen of America's headquarters in Virginia on June 7. After covering 8122 miles and all 48 states, they returned on June 14th. The pair used only 104.94 gallons (397.4 litres) of fuel during the entire trip. Gerdes was also the driver when the hybrid record of 64.5 mpg was set in a Kia Optima Hybrid last year. The team's goal this time was to beat the previous diesel vehicle record of 68 mpg.

Volkswagen Amarok

Pickup trucks are hot right now in North America. So hot, that Volkswagen is seriously considering entering the game, and bringing it's popular Amarok to Canada. So far most of the focus has been on big trucks, and the small and midsize segments haven't seen much action lately. Ford's Ranger and Ram's Dakota are being retired, and the others haven't seen a refresh for a while. Maybe a new entry into the market will shake things up a bit in the segment. Volkswagen says that they are investigating, but are proceeding very cautiously and slowly. Part of their evaluations include discussions with dealers, who are gauging their customer's interest in the pickup.